Harmonious fusion of beauty & solace

Lakeside Memorial Park

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A timeless sanctuary

Envision a sanctuary that redefines the memorial park experience – Lakeside Memorial Park, a breathtaking 24-acre haven celebrating life, cherishing memories, and offering solace in times of reflection. We passionately dedicate ourselves to elevating the standards of interment in Ireland, creating an inspiring public amenity that will nurture our community.

Our Approach

Our unique approach harmonizes picturesque landscapes with serene spaces, cultivating an atmosphere of tranquillity and reverence. Lakeside Memorial Park will captivate visitors with its beautiful tree-lined pathways, enchanting river and lake walks, meticulously designed lawn areas, mesmerizing sculptures, and soothing water features.

Embracing Diversity

Lakeside Memorial Park welcomes all, regardless of faith or belief. Our vision encompasses a variety of interment options, catering to personal preferences, including traditional burial plots, elegant flat headstone plaques, in-ground ash interment plots, and stately columbarium niche walls.

Lakeside Memorial Park will boast:

  • An expansive, immaculately designed 24-acre haven

  • Diverse interment choices

  • A serene 3,500m² lake

  • The planting of approximately 1,000 trees

  • Scenic river and lake strolls for peaceful contemplation

  • Engaging children's play area

  • Convenient on-site reception, café, and florist

  • Easy access via public transport

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, exceptional landscaping, and a mission to provide a haven of serenity, we lay the groundwork for a distinguished memorial park in Ireland.

Embark on this remarkable journey with us and witness the birth of a sanctuary that cherishes memories, honours lives, and envelops visitors in an aura of peace. Lakeside Memorial Park is designed to celebrate life, honouring the past.


Lakeside Memorial Park

"In the heart of nature's splendor, Lakeside Memorial Park provides a timeless sanctuary for loved ones to be remembered and celebrated."

Lakeside Memorial Park

Schedule a visit to Lakeside Memorial Park, a pristine 24-acre sanctuary, thoughtfully designed for tranquility.

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